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University of Wollongong

Location: Wollongong/Sydney

Intakes: February / July

University Programmes

The University of Wollongong has the following faculties under UG, PG and PhD level

About The University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong (UOW) has become a benchmark for Australia’s new generation of universities. It is ranked among the top modern universities in the world and has built a reputation as an enterprising institution, with a multi-disciplinary approach to research and a personalized approach to teaching.


With five faculties – Business; Engineering and Information Sciences; Law, Humanities and the Arts; Science, Medicine and Health; and Social Sciences, UOW currently offers over 300-degree programs across both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to more than 32,000 students around the world.

Research strengths

The UOW Global Challenges Program is designed to harness the expertise of our world-class researchers and partners to transform lives and regions. The University’s Innovation Campus gives innovative companies and organizations the opportunity to locate alongside, and collaborate with its leading research institutes, including:

  • The Australian Institute of Innovative Materials (AIIM)
  • The Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC)
  • The iAccelerate Centre, an innovation accelerator housing over 280 start-up entrepreneurs.

UOW’s other research institutes include the Early Start Research Institute (ESRI), the Smart Infrastructure Research Facility (SMART), the Australian Research Centre (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage, and the newly established Molecular Horizons: Centre for Molecular and Life Sciences.

A global university

UOW has a strong international focus and reputation, with close to 6000 international students studying across its Australian campuses each year. UOW Dubai has been in operation for more than 20 years. In 2015 UOW became the first-ever overseas-based university to enter Hong Kong when it was selected to take custodianship of the Community College of City University Hong Kong (CCCU) and transform CCCU into an international campus.

The University also has three campuses in Greater Sydney (Sydney CBD, Southern Sydney at Loftus and South West Sydney at Liverpool), as well as campuses at Nowra, Batemans Bay and Bega on the NSW South Coast, and at Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands.


With a focus on better health outcomes, early childhood research, sustainability and scientific advancement, UOW’s Wollongong campus is home to several research facilities that integrate UOW researchers, students and the community to work towards solving local and global challenges. Already home to more than 15 organizations, UOW’s Innovation Campus (iC) is a 33-hectare research and technology precinct located in Wollongong. It encourages innovative organizations from around the world to co-locate with UOW’s leading research institutes in a collaborative campus environment.

Real-world learning

UOW is recognized as a global leader in discovery and learning and embraces both technology and practical learning to maximize student success. The University works in tandem with community partners enabling learning through immersion in the workforce and it collaborates with educators, professionals, researchers and students to inform when, how and why students learn. UOW is consistently adapting to changing workforce needs and new industries, offering face to face learning, distance education and online courses.

On the horizon

The University of Wollongong’s planned Health and Wellbeing Precinct, covering 7.5 hectares of the Innovation Campus, will include Australia’s first primary and community health clinic to offer truly integrated, patient-centered healthcare, as well as aged-care and retirement living facilities, and research and teaching programs. Construction is planned to commence in 2020, with the first facilities operational by 2022.

The new Molecular Horizons building currently under construction on the Wollongong Campus and due for completion in 2019, will provide scientists with world-leading technologies to help undercover ways of detecting and attacking disease. With these technologies, there is potential for researchers to create personalized medicine to treat cancer and reverse Alzheimer’s disease. A new landmark development for the Wollongong campus will provide state-of-the-art facilities including student performance theatres and rehearsal spaces along with the film, media arts, digital design and music studios for students studying The Arts, English and Media (TAEM) in the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts and the School of Health and Society (HAS) and the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities (SGSC) from the Faculty of Social Science.


At UOW, we’re proud to be among the best modern universities in the world. Throughout our 60-year history, we’ve built an international reputation for world-class research and exceptional teaching quality. Employers have ranked our graduates as some of the most career-ready in the world for nine years in a row. We’re in the top two percent of universities worldwide and we’re aiming higher every day.

  • UOW was rated Australia’s leading public university for undergraduate student experience in the 2018 Good Universities Guide.
  • Highest ranked university in NSW overall for undergraduate study on The Australian Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) 2018.
  • Highest ranked university in NSW for postgraduate study for Learner Engagement and Generic Skills Scale on QILT 2018
  • Employers are more satisfied with UOW graduates than graduates from all other NSW universities (QILT) 2017.

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