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Affidavit of Sponsorship

An affidavit is a written statement from an individual which is sworn to be true. It is essentially an oath that what they are saying is the truth.

With regard to the ‘Affidavit of Sponsorship’, it is a letter written by the people who are sponsoring someone’s education overseas, and is addressed to the admission office of the university to which the student has applied for admission. In this letter, the sponsors(applicant’s father, mother, elder brother, elder sister, uncle, aunt, grandfather or grandmother) mention their name, permanent address and their relationship with the applicant(student).

Most importantly, the sponsors are required to declare that they have sufficient funds to cover whatever expenses(tuition, living and other) the student will have during his/her stay in that particular country, where he/she is going to pursue his/her higher education. Moreover, it is also essential that the sponsors provide proof of their funds along with their annual income and the sources. The affidavit of sponsorship contains the name and signature of the sponsors at the bottom of the letter.

Download File Samples of  Affidavit of Sponsorship/Sponsorship Letter

Affadavit of Support Format Sample 1
Sponsorship Letter Format Sample 2
Work Experience Format Sample 3

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