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Agriculture, Environment and Veterinary Science

Agriculture is the study of food and crops and their production. Agriculture also looks at the earth, animals, nutrition, environment, and disease epidemics. On the other hand, Veterinary is all about the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, malfunctions, and injuries in animals.

Students who study Agriculture and Veterinary come into close contact with nature, which means their study is not limited to four walls; it requires observation, examination, testing, analysis, experiments, and other sophisticated skills. One of the best aspects of studying agriculture is that it provides us with the opportunity to travel around the world and work in different climates. Veterinary students must be comfortable while handling the animals as it involves the diagnosis and treatment of the animals.

Students who want to earn an Agriculture or Veterinary Medicine qualification must have studied biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, economics, and business in their previous level.

As the world is trying to move back to nature and as many people around the world are becoming aware of the environment, and are embracing the profession of agriculture and animal farming, Agriculture and Veterinary is gaining more popularity among international students.


This discipline covers a large study area including the following specializations:

  • Agribusiness;
  • Agricultural Biotechnology;
  • Agricultural Economics;
  • Agronomy;
  • Animal Production/Science;
  • Aquaculture;
  • Coastal Management;
  • Conservation and Land Management;
  • Crop Production;
  • Ecology;
  • Environmental and Urban Planning;
  • Equine Science;
  • Fisheries;
  • Forest Science;
  • Horticulture;
  • Land and Water Management;
  • Marine Science;
  • Natural Resource Management;
  • Parks, Recreation and Heritage Management;
  • Resource and Environmental Management;
  • Rural Development;
  • Sustainable Development;
  • Tropical Animal Science;
  • Veterinary Science;
  • Viticulture;
  • Wilderness Reserves and Wildlife;
  • Wine Marketing/Science; and
  • Zoo-keeping.


Agriculture, Environment and Veterinary Science disciplines are offered at the following qualifications levels:

  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Postgraduate Diploma
  • Master by Coursework/Research
  • PhD

Professional Associations

Most of the programs offered within this discipline include hands-on practical experience such as: laboratory experiments; field studies and research assignments. This experience provides graduates with on-the-job skills before graduation.

Graduates may be eligible for membership at one of the following professional associations:

  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
  • National Farmers Federation (NFF)
  • International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP)
  • Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)
  • Ecological Society of Australia (ECOLSOC)
  • Environmental Industry Association (EIA)
  • National Aquaculture Council (NAC) – Australia
  • World Aquaculture Society (WAS)
  • Australia’s National Association of Forest Industries (NAFI)
  • Global Association of Online Foresters (GAOF)
Horticulture and Viticulture
  • Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH)
  • Winemakers Federation of Australia (WFA)
  • International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS)
Veterinary Science
  • Australian Veterinary Association (AVA)
  • International Veterinary Students Association (IVSA)
  • World Veterinary Association (WVA)

Career Opportunities

  • Agricultural Scientist/Engineer;
  • Animal Attendant;
  • Aquaculture Technician;
  • Environmental Scientist;
  • Farmer/Farm Worker;
  • Gardener/Landscaper;
  • Greens Keeper;
  • Horticulturalist;
  • Forestry and Soil Professionals;
  • Park Rangers;
  • Veterinarian;
  • Veterinarian Assistant; and
  • Winemaker.

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