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Student: KIEC Student

Genuine Student (GS) and Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Profile

The information below has been supplied in support of my student visa application to demonstrate that I satisfy DIBP’s GS and GTE compliance requirements.

Part A: Personal Details:

Introducing myself as your name born on the date of birth. I am an individual who has completed an undergraduate level in Nepal studying in the English medium for more than 16 years. Talking about my academics, I have kept my best efforts from the beginning and finished my schooling with academic % in 10th class in the year 2007 from school name. Nursing had fascinated me during my school days. So, I choose 3 years of Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) Nursing in Institution name after my schooling and completed in the year 2010 with an aggregate of academic %. In PCL Nursing there was a total of 22 courses including both clinical and theoretical subjects such as Integrated Science, Adult, Community, Child, Midwifery and Nepali. Then after getting some years of experience in hospitals, I joined a Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (BNS) in the year 2014 in institution name and address. The course duration was of 3 academic years having 26 courses including clinical and theoretical courses such as Basic health science, Community, Adult, Leadership and management, Teaching Learning and Research.  I completed my BNS in the year 2017 with an aggregate of academic %. For the continuation of my studies, I decided to go abroad so I appear IELTS test. For my English Proficiency test, I attended the IELTS examination on 14th April 2018 and secured an overall band of 7.


A brief record of my employment history by listing the names of all employers, job designations and commencement and end dates to indicate the duration of each employment position held:


After completing my PCL Nursing in the year 2010, I applied for registration on Nepal Nursing Council (NNC) and became a Registered Nurse on 21st February 2011. Then, I joined the company name on 15th March 2011. There, I was designated as a Staff Nurse and got an opportunity to work on various departments such as Obstetrics and Gynecology ward, Orthopedic ward, Outpatient Departments (OPD) and Operation Theatre. For my satisfaction in thirst for personal development, I left Capital Hospital on 16th October 2012 and joined the company name on 16th November 2012. There my designation was of Staff Nurse and worked in Operation Theatre, OPD, Immunization clinic, Outreach Clinics and Community camps. During the tenure, I got an opportunity to be a part of various training such as Training on Child-Friendly Services, Communication Skills and Management-Urgent Care/ Causality/Nurse-Led Triage and Ophthalmic Surgical Assistance for Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery. I was part of the team till 16th November 2014 and went for my higher studies.

Reasons for gaps of one year or more in my academic and/or employment history:

As to enroll in a Bachelor of Nursing in Nepal from PCL Nursing, the criteria were one must gain experience of at least 2 years in a related field. I have a gap of three and a half years between my PCL nursing and Bachelor of Nursing Sciences. During that period, I worked in different hospitals as a Staff Nurse. Furthermore, I learned that practical work and experience is more important than just theoretical learning, as our profession includes both theoretical and practical skills. Gaining an experience helped me a lot in upgrading physical, motor and psychological domains. I was able to perform my duties as a Registered Nurse. I got an opportunity to work in both hospital and community settings. It boosted my interest to work for the benefit of the public in maintaining their optimum health.


My (or my spouse) previous immigration history, visa refusal, previous international travel for any country including Australia:


I have never left my country and do not have any previous wrong immigration history or visa refusal and this is the first time I am applying for abroad. My husband has traveled to China in Business Visa and Thailand on Tourist visa once. He also does not have any previous wrong immigration history or visa refusal.


Details of the financial sponsors who will fund me & my spouse’s Australian studies and living expenses by listing their full name, country of residence, current job designation, employer’s name and amount along with Bank Balance/Educational Loan amount & Bank:


My husband and I will be sponsored by my parents and in-laws for my studies and our living expenses. My father, father name is an employee on the company name. He is designated as an Accounting Officer and holds an annual income of NRs.******. My mother, mother name receives annual house rent income of NRs.****** and also they have a bank balance of NRs. ******* at Bank name. My mother-in-law Mrs. Sati Devi Mahat receives annual house rent income of NRs. ****** and she will also handle our family business name which has a gross annual income of NRs. ******* and company name which has a gross annual income of NRs. ******* as per the audit report. They are well acquainted with our fees and living cost and support us till our completion of the program.


Me & my spouse’s proposed living arrangements in the particular city of Australia:

I have done my own research required for the living arrangements in Australia. As soon as my visa arrives I will contact the concerned person for accommodation in Australia. It will be approximately around 250 – 300 AUD per week near the University. I will be staying in rented accommodation near my university. The annual living expenses will be 20290 for me myself and for my husband, it will be around 7100. Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland state and it is a well-developed city with all kinds of facilities available for international students.

Part B: Study in Australia Section:


Research that I conducted about the study in my home country before I made the decision to choose to study abroad:


I want to pursue a higher level of education and transcend a new scope in Health Promotion. So, I have done research about Public Health courses in Nepal. There are various universities such as Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal University and Kathmandu University which provide public health courses. However, Masters of Health Promotion and Education (MHPE) is provided only by Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj Medical Campus and only 5 seats are available for a particular program. There is a tough competition to get admission to such limited seats. Furthermore, one year of experience is required after completion of a bachelor’s degree to meet the criteria for admission. In addition, the education system of Nepal is not practical oriented and technologies are also not up to date. But, there are sufficient seats available for Masters in Health Promotion in abroad and there is no requirement for gaining experience. So, it prevents my time and helps me achieve my postgraduate degree. Studying abroad provides me an opportunity to get a globally recognized degree. It also allows me to break out my academic routine, learn in a diverse culture, expanding my worldview as well as enhances my employment opportunity. I also checked some other colleges offering an international degree in Nepal such as Lord Buddha Education Foundation, The British College but most of them are offering MBA or IT related course. It’s been a long time I studied in Nepal and now I am more interested to get the experience of the different education system from abroad as the international degree is not just only getting a degree but also I will develop my personality, will know the time management system, will have opportunities to exchange ideas and culture with students from so many other countries. Also, Nepalese Universities do not have a proper exam and result system which takes an extra year to complete the degree. I personally collected the feedback of students studying in Nepalese universities and I am unable to found a positive response from them.  Comparing all those things I will study abroad, I decided to study in Australia.


Research that I conducted about the study in other countries before I made the decision to choose Australia and reason to study in Australia, not other countries:


After having gone through the details of the research on the United States of America (U.S.A), United Kingdom (U.K), Japan and Australia based universities, I feel that Australian Universities are very much catering to the fields of my interest and it is the right place to embark upon my academic career. Though the University of Tsukuba, Japan offers Public Health courses in English medium and top-notch education at affordable fees, I feel a difficulty in day to day language. U.S based universities like Adelphi University, Ohio University, the University of Arkansas and George Mason University and U.K based universities like the University of Birmingham, University of Wolves Hampton, and the University of Liverpool are comparatively more expensive for international students than Australian Universities. For example, Adelphi University, U.S.A, cost approximately U.S$ 30,950 per year in tuition fee and University of Liverpool international fee for the same course is £17,950.

Unlike other countries, the health profession is very well appreciated and rewarded in Australia and students are provided with opportunities to expand their knowledge base to increase their understanding of international health and to gain expertise and experience allowing them to practice as advanced health professionals worldwide. Australia is highly developed country with high living standard, suitable climate, affordable tuition fee, safe environment, practical based approach, part-time work opportunity during study, post-study work opportunity for the graduates to gain experience in the related field is an additional opportunity for international student and regarded as a leader in health education and offers a range of innovative practice-oriented courses. So, I decided to pursue my overseas study in Australia.  While doing research about some other European countries I found that most of the European countries require to learn their own language for admission. Australia is an English speaking country where I can easily study. I also checked the website of the Australian government and collected information about studying in Australia, visa conditions, living costs, student testimonials and I found Australia is the best option for me to complete my planned degree. I also consulted with some friends who are already studying in Australia and collected feedback from them as well and they are also positive with the Australian education system and teaching environment for international students.

Reasons for choosing this particular academic program

Good health begins in our everyday lives; in how we work, live and play. As the range of public health concerns attributed to lifestyle and environment grows, so does the need for dedicated health professionals to address these issues. Public health is a division of the health field that focuses on populations, and prevention and promotion of health rather than individuals and treatment of medical conditions. Public health professionals work to prevent health conditions from occurring or re-occurring by implementing educational programs, creating policies, providing services, regulating health systems, and performing rigorous research. The public health field is the one that is growing quickly all over the world as the population is growing exponentially and high demand is expected for public health professionals. Public health is a broad field and Health promotion is a part of it.

With a Master of Health Promotion, we can have the opportunity to make a broad impact on public health through programs, strategy, policy and research. The program prepares us for careers that allow us to make contributions towards safe, stimulating and enjoyable working and living conditions for all. It offers ample scopes for research activities and these parallels with my aspiration of a master’s degree. The principle that I learned through various subjects such as, Community health nursing, Research, Leadership and management and also during my community field exposure while working on Children’s Hospital for Eye ENT and Rehabilitation Services fascinated as well as helped me in pursuing my higher education in health promotion. Furthermore, I want to expose myself to the outer limits of specialized knowledge of this field.

Reasons for choosing this particular educational institution rather than a similar course at other education institution inside Australia:


After searching extensively for a suitable academic program and university, the Masters of Health Promotion at the University name, Australia has emerged as my choice. It is the only public university in Queensland to be awarded five stars for teaching quality and has received the highest student satisfaction. As I checked and researched different Universities’ website I found that University name offers the most affordable tuition fee (AUD. $*****/year) compare to the Master in Public Health (M.P.H) in The Australian National University is (AUD. $*****/year), the University of Technology Sydney for M.P.H (AUD. $*****/year) and Universities in Brisbane like Griffith University for M.P.H (AUD. $*****/year) and the Queensland University of Technology for M.P.H (AUD. $*****/year). Also, University name provides industry-related courses, advanced technology and teaching, experienced faculty, excellent learning and research facilities, suitable location and high graduate employment rate and impressive departmental commitment to maximizing the opportunities for its students. There are very limited universities offering a health-related course in Australia and I also compared the course structure, electives units, location, class size, academic and English entry requirements and other facilities provided to international students and I found The University name is the best one on Queensland State to offer affordable cost in comparison with any other Universities based in Queensland state. Above mentioned some Universities are high ranked universities were getting admission is hard and it takes a longer time as well. Also, some Universities are only offering 1 intake in a year where I have flexible intakes for the University name. While doing research I also checked its website, Video in Youtube, student’s testimonials and also talked with some students over Facebook and collected their feedback about the University. From all the above point of view, I found The University name is the best option for me to pursue my degree.


It is also the location I cherished a dream to continue my academic pursuit at this esteemed University. Brisbane is world-famous for its beaches and beautiful surrounding, Brisbane is a safe and welcoming city with much more affordable rental prices, parking, accommodation and Australia’s most inclusive study destination with world-class education providers. It is a multicultural melting pot and Australia’s most sustainable city as well. One of my friends who studied the same course at University name also recommends highly and I’m sure my admission in this esteemed institution is of paramount importance in my career.


Course requirements and core contents with tuition fees, duration of course of my selected Australian academic program:


I have done 3 years of Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (BNS) which cannot meet the criteria for directly joining postgraduate studies. So, I will be doing a Postgraduate Qualifying Pathway (PQP) program for 6 months. The tuition fee for PQP is AUD *****. Then I will be enrolled in the Masters of Health Promotion. It has a duration of 2 years including 4 semesters. The tuition fee for each semester is AUD ***** total AUD *****. There are 15 courses and 192 units on the total to study in which 13 required courses and 2 elective courses such as, Health Promotion Principles, Epidemiology and Biostatistics. I have to study Health Promotion Needs Assessment and Planning, Introduction to Behavioural Health, Public Health Foundations, Quantitative Research Methods, Health Research Project B, Health Research Project A, Health Promotion Project, etc subject in this course.


Relevancy of my selected academic program to my past education and/or employment history.

During my Bachelor level study at institution name and address and my tenure in the hospital as a Staff Nurse, I have nurtured a growing interest in public health due to its immense real-life applications. As a nurse by profession and being a graduate nursing student which is a part of the health sector, I believe that an opportunity for higher education in Public health would be a unique fortuity to test and prove my ability and also to enrich and broaden my knowledge. Furthermore, a Bachelor of nursing graduates is an eligible candidate to study a master of health promotion. In addition, courses that I studied in Nursing are quite similar to Health Promotion courses such as, Research, Behavioral Science, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Community health nursing which will be helpful for my study.


My future study or career plans upon successful completion of my selected course of study from Australia:


In this world where health professionals are proliferating at an extremely high place, I felt that I had to achieve something different to stand in a good position in the competitive world pursuing this strongly inbuilt motive. After completing my studies, I can have various career opportunities in my home country. I can work as an epidemiologist, community health worker, program coordinator at different governments as well as private hospitals and health-related NGOs and INGOs, project officer and public health promotion officers. I can apply at Bir hospital which is a government hospital, Department of Public Health (DPHO), Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN) and various agencies of the United Nations (U.N). As people are becoming more focused on preventive health, the scope for public health professionals is in high demand in Nepal. In a developing country like Nepal, public health workers can play an important role in an attempt to maximize the health of people by various measures such as, health education, an awareness program and working as a facilitator between the government and the public. In Nepal, Public health workers are provided with handsome earning. The salary ranges from above NRs. 60,000 initially to NRs, 80,000 depending on education and experience in today’s basis. However, it will be increased in the future as per my performance and experience which will recover my study investment within some years. Nepal is a developing country where every sector needs skills and qualified persons where I can easily find a job with an Australian degree with good payout and facilities. I am confident that I will get a competitive job in Nepal with the Australian degree which will recover my study investment. If I am unable to find the same I can also apply for an international job based on my degree. But it will be easy for me to work in Nepal as I have my whole family here and I will give first priority to my home country Nepal for the job. Furthermore, our family business, property, family members, relatives are all in Nepal. So, after completion of my study and gaining some PSW experience. We have owned two businesses here in Nepal which is run by my mother in law and owned by my husband. We have other stuff too for the support for business. After completion of the degree, I and my husband will return back to Nepal and my husband will continue the business and I will join the job that I will grab in my home country.  I intend to return back to my home country and serve the people of my nation for the enhancement of their health.

Reason for accompanying/non-accompanying my spouse with me in Australia:


I got married to my husband name on 21st November 2016. He will accompany me to Australia as it will provide me with emotional and psychological support and prevents me from suffering from homesickness. He will help me in household works as well as in my day to day activities. In his presence, I will be able to concentrate fully on my studies and perform well. Also in unpleasant times, unforeseen events and situations he will be there to lighten things up and ease the situation. We will have plenty of opportunities to experience something both of us have never tried before and created moments we will always look back with affection and humor. And I think it is a good idea to accompany my spouse as far away from home you need to have someone there to give you courage and strength.


Understanding the visa conditions that I must satisfy whilst studying on a student visa in Australia:


I am hopeful that I would get an opportunity to experience Australia as a temporary entrant under higher education subclass 500 and will be obliged to every rule and regulation as a foreign student. I am aware of my obligations as an international student that I will have to maintain 80% attendance; secure 50% pass marks in each subject and cannot change my institution until six months. I should have a valid OSHC entire course of study. As a temporary entrant, I can work fortnight per 40 hours while the course is in session and full time during vacation. Also, I must notify the university about my address within 7 days of arrival to Australia and the university should be notified of any changed address within 7 days.


I hereby certify that the information above, which has been supplied in support of my student visa application to assist me to demonstrate that I satisfy DIBP’s GS and GTE compliance requirements, has been completed in my own words and handwriting and is a true and correct account.

I understand that if any incorrect, misleading or non-genuine information is found in this SOP, my student visa application will be refused.


Name: – your name

Passport Number: – *******

Date of Birth: – DD/MM/YYYY


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