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Interview Preparation Tips

Lets begin from the scratch
Career and Course TipsInstitute and Stay in Australia

Student Visa Conditions

(This condition that you will find on your visa copy so you need to know these)







Questions Relating to Australia

Why Australia?

(Australia is a young and vibrant country with a strong international reputation. Known as 3rd best place to study and live after the USA & Canada. Global recognition, Adaptable climatic conditions)

Why not UK and USA?

(Affordable living expensive when compared to UK and USA. It is a safe country when compared to US and UK. High standard of living)

Why ? (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin etc.)

(Might be many reasons like climate, population, relatives etc.)

Questions relating to your Institutions and courses

  1. What is your college name? (Browse institute website)
  2. Can you please tell me the exact location of your college? (Browse institute website)
  3. What is your course of study? (Browse institute website)
  4. How many semesters does your course have? (Browse institute website)
  5. How many units will you be studying on each semester? (Browse institute website)
  6. Tell me something about your course? (Browse institute website)
  7. Why do want to study this course? (Browse institute website)
  8. What is the cost for your course? (See offer or ECOE)
  9. Why did you select this college/university? (Browse institute website)
  10. What is your College/university address? (Browse institute website)
  11. Tell me the duration of your course? (Browse institute website)
  12. When your course of study will begin? (See offer or ECOE)
  13. When your course of study will end? (See offer or ECOE)
  14. How many hours you will study per week? (15 to 20 hours per week)
  15. Which are other Universities you have researched for the same course and why you have selected THIS UNIVERSITY among them? (Student needs to know about some other (AROUND 2 TO 4) universities and have to explain the reason for not selecting these Universities) (Browse institute website)
  16. Course modules/ units, duration, fees, subject and importance of the course (Browse institute website)

Questions relating to Finance

  1. How many members do you have in your family? is any relatives of family person already in Australia? if yes their status and visa  subclass. (See relationship certificate)
  2. Financial sponsor (How you will arrange your living cost, tuition fees and traveling cost?)
  3. Sponsor’s details and their occupations (salary, business, house rent, land rent, pension etc.) (See Relationship, income source, property valuation, and loan/bank balance)
  4. Needs to know about the living cost in Australia for student and dependent (Consult with consultant)
  5. Working rights while studying in Australia and its conditions (Consult with consultant)
  6. Who is your sponsor? (See relationship, income source, property valuation and loan/bank balance)
  7. How much is your living expenses? (Student AUD 18610, dependent AUD 5615)
  8. How much is your traveling expenses? (AUD 2000 going and flying back)
  9. From where did you take loan? (See Loan paper)
  10. How much loan amount did you got? (See Loan paper)
  11. How much is your weekly living expenses? (Browse institute website)
  12. What are your sourcing of income? (See income source certificate)
  13. What is your father’s annual income? (See income source certificate)

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Questions relating to your Career Opportunity after study

  1. What are you plans after completing your studies? (Be specific with your exist outcomes after study from Australia)
  2. How much salary do you expect in your home country after Australian Degree? (Discuss with your consultant and research about it.)

How many hours will you work in Australia in a week?

40 hours per fortnight during school term, no limitation during school holiday

Will you work while study?

Yes, I want to know international work experience

Can you pay tuition fee from part time work?

No, my sponsor will spend for those; I use part-time earning for entertainment, research, travelling etc

Why you want to do part time work?

To learn overseas working practice, personality development, increase level of confidence and add profile on my cv.

Do you know about PSW?

PSW stands for a post-study work visa which is available for Australian graduate under new rules.

Why PSW is important for you?

It will provide graduates with a good understanding of the job market in Australia and how to prepare for the next step in their international career. It will also enable you to network with potential employers and develop an understanding of Australian work standards and work culture leading to a new and exciting career in Australia. It will add value to your CV.

Module 1 is Over

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